Question: How do I generate a matrix given a formula involving the row & column indices?

October 21 2007 resolvent 558
Here is a technique which I need to do over and over and over in Maple. I am currently writing a research paper for the International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. I need to get this example out as soon as possible. Suppose I want to create a matrix where the (i,j) entry is the polynomial x^i + (x+1)^j whatever the entry is.. it doesn't matter. Point is that the entry depends upon the row i and column j How can I create and fill such a matrix? My matrices a slightly more complicated, involving entries such as diff(x^i + (x+1)^j,x) where it is actually easier to write the diff operator than to perform the differentiation by hand. But, this is not nearly as important as my query above. I am currently writing out by hand my 8 by 9 matrix. Oh.. and once I have my 8x9 (or 9x8.. again, I don't care which I make rows and which I make columns), I need to compute the 9 8x8 minors (subdeterminants). Again, I wish to avoid writing out 9 8x8 matrices separately and computing their determinants individually. Thank you.
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