Question: OpenMaple calling Maple procedure from C++ environment

October 26 2006 S.Arlou 117
Hello All Dear Maplesoft professionals, I have a classic internal Maple procedure. It works by call in Maple session like this MyProc[Function]([3/5,7,4.25], ["blue","red","gold"]); I am planning to call it from OpenMaple application (fast and correct and many times). The members of lists will change many times at .exe session (user dialog). What the best way to call it from C code 1. Function Conection DagProc = EvalMapleStatement(kv, "MyProc[Function];"); 2. ???? What kind manipulation by data [3/5,7,4.25], ["blue","red","gold"] By lists organize? By RTable? DagList = MapleListAlloc(kv, 3); for ... MapleListAssign(kv, DagList, i, Value); or other way? What way to organize this structure? Thanks for attention.
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