After lots of hard work, vast amounts of testing, and enormous anticipation, Maple T.A. 10 is now available! Maple T.A. 10 is by far our biggest release to date - and we’re not just saying that. When we compare the list of new features and improvements in Maple T.A. 10 with that of previous releases, it’s clear that Maple T.A. 10 has the largest feature set and improvements to date.

Starting off, the most noticeable change is the new streamlined interface. We listened to our customers, both students and instructors, and made several big changes. The first thing you’ll see is the new color scheme, but very quickly you’ll find better navigation, improved menus, easier question creation and more. Alongside this, we also are happy to announce Maple T.A. is mobile-ready. Students and teachers are covered when it comes to using Maple T.A. on their iPad, Android tablet, and other tablet devices.

Say goodbye to Java and hello to HTML5! Most features of Maple T.A. no longer have a dependency on plug-ins, which we have replaced with the more modern HTML5 technology. One important result of this change is that students and instructors can now enter mathematics using the equation editor without the need of a Java plugin, on both desktop and mobile devices.

Maple T.A. has always been at the forefront of innovative question types – and Maple T.A. 10 has continued that trend. Without the need of a pen and paper, you can now ask students to draw forces on a free body diagram, and even sketch a plot as their response to a question.

If you ever need to grade a student’s oral presentation, science lab, essay, or any other type of homework that is not done inside Maple T.A., scoring rubrics are here to help in Maple T.A. 10. Using a scoring rubric, instructors can use Maple T.A. to communicate the expectations for that assignment, record student grades, provide students with their results, and automatically include those grades in their overall results for the course.

Math Apps were introduced in our last release of Maple T.A. as a technology preview, and the preview period is now over. Math Apps can freely be used in any of your assignments – and you’ll see big improvements! Math Apps no longer require Java to run, so they load faster, respond quicker and use less memory. Just to refresh your memory, Math Apps allow you to embed an entire Maple worksheet inside of the question giving you the ability to grade a student’s interaction with the interactive Maple components.

Maple T.A. 10 now offers you the ability to create custom roles, such as defining a new instructor role that includes the ability to create new users, or a teaching assistant role that combines proctor-level access with the ability to create assignments. Customize roles expand or limit access Maple T.A. functionality, so you can set up the roles that you need on your campus.

And that’s just the beginning. Maple T.A. 10 also includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Customize the look and feel of Maple T.A. using CSS and HTML.
  • Proctored Browser support is now available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux using Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Schools can now request additional required information from students when their accounts are created.
  • Updates to the connectivity features that allow Maple T.A. to be seamlessly integrated into course management systems such as Blackboard®, Brightspace™ by D2L™, and Moodle™.
  • The Maple engine within Maple T.A. has been updated the latest version, Maple 18.
  • And more!

Get your hands on Maple T.A. 10 today! I think you too will agree that this release is the best yet – the improvements will be noticed immediately by not only yourself, but also your students.

Jonny Zivku
Maple T.A. Product Manager

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