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To demonstrate Maple 2018’s new Python connectivity, we wanted to integrate a large Python library. The result is the DeepLearning package - this offers an interface to a subset of the Tensorflow framework for machine learning.

I thought I’d share an application that demonstrates how the DeepLearning package can be used to recognize the numbers in images of handwritten digits.

The application employs a very small subset of the MNIST database of handwritten digits. Here’s a sample image for the digit 0.

This image can be represented as a matrix of pixel intensities.        

The application generates weights for each digit by training a two-layer neural network using multinomial logistic regression. When visualized, the weights for each digit might look like this.

Let’s say that we’re comparing an image of a handwritten digit to the weights for the digit 0. If a pixel with a high intensity lands in

  • an intensely red area, the evidence is high that the number in the image is 0
  • an intensely blue area, the evidence is low that the number in the image is 0

While this explanation is technically simplistic, the application offers more detail.

Get the application here

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The first update to the Maple 2018 Physics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions packages is available. As has been the case since 2013, this update contains fixes, enhancements to existing functionality, and new developments in the three areas. 

The webpage for these updates will continue being the Maplesoft R&D Physics webpage. Starting with Maple 2018, however, this update is also available from the MapleCloud.

To install the update: open Maple and click the Cloud icon (upper-right corner), select "Packages" and search for "Physics Updates". Then, in the corresponding "Actions" column, click the third icon (install pop-up).

NOTE Apr/21: the "Updates" icon, does not work at this moment with the Physics Update. That is expected to be fixed with Maple 2018.1. By then, you need to check for new versions clicking Packages and giving a look at the date of the latest update (today I read 2018-04-19), or the number of the version (at this moment, it is version 27).

These first updates include:

  • New Physics functionality regarding Tensor Products of Quantum States; and Coherent States.
  • Updates to pdsolve regarding PDE & Boundary Conditions (exact solutions);
  • A change in notation: d_(x), the differential of a coordinate in the Physics package, is now displayed as shown in this Mapleprimes post.

Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab
Physics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions, Maplesoft

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