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I am happy to announce that registration for Maple Conference 2021, to be held Nov. 2-5, is now open! The event is once again virtual and free this year. On our home page, you can find information about our keynote presentations. Our keynote speakers this year are Dr. Veselin Jungic, Dr. Evelyne Hubert and Dr. Laurent Bernardin.

The Agenda & Event Format page contains preliminary information about the event and will be updated as the agenda develops. This page describes two add-on workshops that are also free of charge: "Maple Programming: Beyond the Basics" and "Advanced Problem Solving with Regular Chains".

You can register for both the conference and the add-on workshops here: Maple Conference 2021. I hope to see you all in November!

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A manipulator, in which 3 degrees of freedom are provided by changing the length of the links and one degree of freedom, is provided by turning. Only 4 degrees of freedom. Solved using Draghilev's method. In one case, the length of the manipulator link could be expressed through the value of the 3rd coordinate. The lengths of the other two links are considered generalized coordinates. In this case, it is still obtained polynomial equations, as for the usual coordinates.
I was asked to make an example of the movement of such a manipulator using Maple. (Automatically, this is an example of solving an inverse kinematics problem.)

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