You heard us right! With the new update of Maple Learn, we’ve added a few more interesting features, perfect to keep your math learning going.

Before we dig too far into these exciting features, we just have one quick thing to let you know about. We have updated the font sizes for Maple Learn text, adding 20 and 22 point font, and removing 36 and 120 point font.

Now, let’s talk new features. First, we’ve added support for partial derivatives, allowing you to calculate derivatives for functions with two or more variables. How does this work? Well, take a look at our example document HERE. The button for entering a partial derivative is located in the functions palette. You can plot them too (shown below)!

We’ve also added support for shaded Geometric Primitives. Remember our earlier post about MAPLE LEARN ART? Well, now you can color in your shapes! This allows for further math-related art, or ease of communication while teaching about area, or really, anything else you can think of! See how to use this HERE. In essence, with the shaded command, you can now place a geometric primitive inside the shaded command, which shades it! As well, you can assign a variable to a geometric primitive, and then place that inside the shaded command. This allows for a different color outline than the shaded section.

Ever wanted to create a sequence in Maple Learn? Well, now you can easily, with our new sequence support. The syntax is simple, focusing on the start, end, and steps. See how to use this HERE. We hope this can be used for all kinds of documents!

We hope you enjoy all the new features we’ve added to Maple Learn. Let us know in the comments what you think of them, and show us what you’re working on! Simply leave a comment with a link to a Maple Learn document, and we’ll gladly take a look at your ideas.

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