Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to our third post about how you can use Maple Learn in non-math disciplines! Today, we’re going to talk about the Biology collection in Maple Learn. This was a recent addition to the Maple Learn document gallery.

Of course, there are too many documents in the Biology collection to talk about all of them. We’re going to talk about three documents today, and I’ll link to them as we go. Are you excited? I am!

First, let’s talk about the Introduction to Alleles and Genotype document. The current focus of our Biology collection is genetics. This document is therefore important to start with as it lays the foundation for understanding the rest of the documents. Using a visualization of a sperm cell and an egg cell, this document clearly explains what alleles and genotypes are, and how this presents in humans and other diploid organisms.


Next is the Introduction to Punnett Squares. Punnett squares are used to predict genotypes and the probability of those genotypes existing in an organism. They can be pretty fun, once you get the hang of them, and are simple to understand using this document. We use the table feature in Maple Learn to display the Punnett squares, which is quite a handy feature for visualizations.

Finally, although there are other introductory documents (Phenotypes, Dihybrid crosses), let’s take a look at the Blood Typing document! As you may know, there are four main blood types (when you exclude the positive or negative): A, B, AB, and O. However, there are only three alleles, due to codominance and other factors. Come check out how this works, and read the document yourself!


Our Biology collection is still growing, and we’d love to hear your input. Let us know in the comments of this post if there are any other document topics you’d like to see!

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