Welcome back to another post on the Maple Learn Calculus collection! Previously on this series we looked at the Limit subcollection, and today we are going to look at the Derivative subcollection in the Maple Learn Document Gallery.

There are many different types of documents in this sub collection, so let’s take a look at one of them. We’ll start with the very first question people ask when learning about derivatives: What is a derivative?


This document starts us off with an example of f(x):=x2. The example provides the background information for the rest of the document, and a visualization with a slider.

Then, we define both the Geometric and Algebraic definition of a derivative. This allows us to understand the concept in two different ways, a very useful thing for students as they explore other topics within calculus.  

Finally, the document suggests two more documents for future learning: Derivatives: Notation, for more information on the notation used in derivatives, and the Formal Definition of a Derivative document, for more information on how derivatives are formally defined and derived. Make sure to check them out too!

Now, that’s just the start. We’ve got practice problems, definitions and visualizations of rules, information on points without derivatives, and much more. They’re useful for both new learning and as a refresher, so take a look!

We can’t wait to see you another time for when we dive into Derivative documents. Let us know after the Calculus collection showcase blog posts if there’s another collection you’d like to see showcased!


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