What are planes? Are they aircraft that soar through the sky, or flat surfaces you'd come across in your geometry textbook? By definition yes, but they can be so much more. In the world of math, observing a system of equations with three variables allows us to plot them as planes in ℝ3. As we plot planes, these geometric entities can start intersecting, creating captivating visualizations. However, the intersection of planes is not just an abstract mathematical concept present only in the classroom. Throughout our daily lives, we come into contact with intersecting planes everywhere. Have you ever noticed the point where two walls and the floor in your room converge? That’s an intersection in its simplest form! And the line where the pages of a book are bound together? Another everyday intersection!

Room image: https://unsplash.com/photos/0H-aJ06IZw4, Book image: https://unsplash.com/photos/6H9H-tYPUQQ 

However, just seeing plane intersections is but a tiny piece of the puzzle. After all, how can we delve into the intriguing properties of these intersections without quantifying them? Enter the focus of Maple Learn's newest collection: Intersection of Planes. Not sure about how you can identify the different scenarios that three planes can form in ℝ3? Check out the eight documents that provide complete walk-throughs for solving each individual case that three planes can form! With cases ranging from three parallel and distinct planes to three planes forming a triangular prism to three planes intersecting in a line, you’ll gain a mastery of understanding the intersection of planes by the time you’re finished with the examples.


Once you’ve gained an understanding of how to identify and solve the cases that three planes can form, it’s time to test your knowledge! This quiz-like document takes you through the steps of solving for the intersection of three planes with guiding questions and comprehensive feedback. Once you successfully find the intersection or identify the case, you’ll be provided with an interactive 3D plot that allows you to see what the math you’ve been doing looks like. This opportunity to solve any of the 16 different possible systems of equations allows you to prove that you’re on another level!

With your newfound mastery of solving systems of equations, check out similar documents in the recently added linear algebra collection! Try calculating the volume of a parallelepiped or deriving the formula for the distance between a point and a plane

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