We are currently working on a set of updates to MaplePrimes, which you can expect to see rolled out sometime during the first quarter of this year.  Most of the changes have been taken directly from your comments and feedback about MaplePrimes, so thank you very much!

Some of the changes you can expect to see include:

  • Down-voting will be removed entirely.  Up-voting will continue to work as it does now.
  • An advanced search feature will be added that will, for example, allow you to search MaplePrimes using combinations of keywords, tags, created dates, etc.
  • In multiple places throughout MaplePrimes, a "sort by date" option will be added so that you can display answers or search results by date, instead of only by relevance.
  • A "My Favorites" section will be added to your profile that will allow you to maintain a list of favorite posts & questions -- a customizable archive of MaplePrimes content.  Other users will be able to see your favorites.
  • A "printable" mode will be added for easier printing and/or saving of threads.
  • Updates will be made to reputation levels so that higher ranking users can modify the tags belonging to a post, or even edit another's post directly.
  • There will be updates made to badges, social network integration, and other areas.

In addition to the new features, we will be fixing multiple issues & bugs (for example, the bug that sends multiple e-mail notifications) that have been reported since last June, when this current version of MaplePrimes was launched.


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