I am a little disappointed in the update frequency of Maple. 

Maple 15 saw one relatively minor update and I don't foresee any more updates for this version before the next release which is unfortunate.  Then again, was Maple 15 refined so good that it didn't need much fixing?  Something tells me no, but please enlighten me otherwise. 

The threshold for updating seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  What I mean by that is, it seems ever more likely that any update to the version will not be done until the next full release.  Maple 10 saw a bountiful, and almost unheard of, 6 updates (10.06).  The "06" designations led me to believe it could potentially and eventually reach version 10.10 and beyond.  The newest version Maple 15.01 is a minor release and small changes to Maple 15.00.  Imagine releasing a version 15.1?  That would be a major update release and wouldn't that be some candy for Maple users worldwide? 

If I'm not mistaken I believe users are asking for more updates in the current versions, but in reality it seems like there are no changes and possibly even less updating than before.  I am hoping we can get fixes updates and even additions to the software.  It is a wish, but maybe it's just a dream.

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