I came across a thing that does not make sense in Maple. If you click on:


Then you will get a csv-file.

Now if you download and save that file on your computer then you can open it with:

ImportMatrix("C:\\.....csv", source = csv)

and you will get a Matrix with data values in Maple (which is nice). However, if you type:

03&e=24&f=2012&g=d&ignore=.csv", timeout = 100)

then you will get a string which requirs nasty StringTools surgery to extract the data.

Wouldnt it be possible for HTTP:-Get to be able to recognize the csv file (as ImportMatrix does)
and return a data matrix? Or possibly a new command that does this.

I feel it is a waist of resources to convert a perfectly fine csv fil to a string and then
back to a data matrix through StringTools surgery

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