I am finding, if you add to an old question directed towards someone at maplesoft before the weekend but after a maplesoft business day has ended, your question may not be answered or addressed. This is because your new question in the thread has been swamped by newer questions and yours has trickled down the list and essentially becomes buried or lost. 

I also find too much information related to posted questions are being summarized in the top level making it difficult, to make it easy for mapleprimes developers, to make mapleprimes work well. 

I understand the reason for summarizing the first few lines of a question in the top level, and that was because the question itself didn't contain a reasonable amount of information to summarize the question.  Questions like "please help" or "this doesn't work" as opposed to "help with boundary conditions" or "problems differentiating a matrix".  However, generally most people create good questions titles related to their content to generate the best interest and response to the question they may have. 

I am suggesting to remove the summary. 

I am also suggesting to add polling questions to see if the majority of users might accept any changes.  This is a great way to get feedback from the community on any subject. 

Response from mapleprimes developers would be appreciated on the subject as well as input anyone else might have.


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