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This is a problem I've had with the new mapleprimes. Contributions listed as "answers" to a question are listed according to the number of votes they receive. This is a system used on forums like mathoverflow, for instance, websites designed to provide answers to specific questions, websites where "discussions" are discouraged. But, in my opinion, mapleprimes is both a discussion and question/answer forum and the "rank by vote" is not suited to it.

In the example I link to I asked a question. Preben provided an answer and pagan followed up with a clarification. Both are "answers" in their own right, but pagan's answer cannot be properly understood without first reading Preben's. However, at this time, pagan's answer has received 2 votes for Preben's 1 vote, with the result that pagan's answer sits atop. And because of the presence of several comments in between, it would take an archeologist to figure out that pagan's answer ought to be read immediately after Preben's answer.

So, in my humble opinion, the ranking by vote doesn't help.

Plus, you can't vote for comments. On mathoverflow the comments are very short and written in a much smaller font, whereas on mapleprimes some comments can be very long and published in the same font size and style as "questions," "answers" or "posts". Comments usually contain bits that count either as question or answer (or post). So, in my humble opinion, the distinction between comments and answers is not terribly useful either.

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