Earlier this afternoon we made an update to MaplePrimes to introduce some new features and to squash a few bugs.

The primary purpose of the update was to improve the context around how replies and answers are entered on MaplePrimes. The most significant change you will notice here is that submission/edit boxes now appear inline  under the specific message you are replying to, instead of at the bottom of each page.

Other improvements include:

  • A feature that allows you to change the sorting for how answers are displayed on the question page. By default, they will display in the order of votes (i.e., the answer with the hightest vote total appears first), but you can now switch this so that they are displayed chronologically.
  • We have created a new "share" capability for each post & question that makes it far easier to share what you find on MaplePrimes. From a single dialog box, you can share a post or question via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or Google+. The share button is available in the tools area under each question or post.
  • The summary count that indicates the number of answers/reponses to a question or post not tallies up everything, including comments.
  • A re-designed tools area appears below each post/question/comment.
  • The log-out link was not working correctly in all cases, and that has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally resulted in duplicate posts.
  • Made some updates to improve overall site performance & stability.
  • A number of smaller tweaks & fixes.

Most of these changes are a direct result of your comments & suggestions, so thank you all for your interest & contributions to MaplePrimes. And a reminder to keep the suggestions & comments coming!


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