@Carl Love 

Same here, I've tested Opera and Firefox. I haven't bothered trying other browsers because if it doesn't work with Firefox, the most popular browser, it may be considered broken.

But I can branch out alright...


@Carl Love 

I hadn't noticed the "edit" link, which is under "more".  I'll try that then. 

I can't reply directly to you below (which could become above one day, I suppose, if you are voted up over me (EDIT: Ah the new mapleprimes now offers the ability to rank messages by date instead of by votes, that's GREAT!), so I'll reply as an edit.

On another thread where I was unable to post yesterday, I was suddenly able to post a reply today, but unable to post further afterwards; one reply seems to have been my quota.

No luck on this thread at all so far. 

I mostly use Opera. Firefox behaviour is similar.  I'll now try Chrome and Internet Explorer out of curiosity (I don't have Safari on hand).

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