An interesting sequence of enhancements and new developments happened in the Physics package during this first half of the year. During the last month, improvements happened in the handling of Vectorial expressions and quantum mechanics using Dirac’s notation. During April and part of May it was the turn of general relativity enhancements.

Some of the developments are also interesting beyond Physics. For example: it is now possible to multiply equations. Suppose you have A = B   (1), and C = D   (2), multiplying as in (1) (2) now results in lhs((1)) lhs((2)) = rhs((1)) rhs((2)), saving a lot of typing. You can also perform (1)/(2) or (1)^2. Some enhancements in Physics related simplification, integration, `assuming`, and typesetting - e.g. the simplification and integration of spherical harmonics (SphericalY function) are also part of the update.

These developments are available to everybody as usual in the Maplesoft R&D Physics webpage. Below there is a list of the developments for the last month as seen in the worksheet that comes in the zip with the Physics update.


Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab
Physics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions, Maplesoft

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