Announcing the 2014 Maple T.A. User Summit

Maplesoft will be hosting the 2014 Maple T.A. User Summit this October 22-24 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This conference discusses important trends in education, how technology is changing, and what all this means for educators and students. This is an opportunity for Maple T.A. users to learn first-hand how Maple T.A. is transforming testing and assessment, and non-users can also benefit by learning about current and future trends in online education.

Conference highlights include:

  • Expert advice from long term users on how they’re using Maple T.A.
  • Comprehensive hands-on Maple T.A. training
  • Demonstration of new features in Maple T.A., and where the technology is heading
  • Social events with Maplesoft staff and other educators from around the world

We invite users who are using Maple T.A. in an innovative way in their classroom to submit a presentation proposal by July 15th, 2014. For details, please visit:

For more details, preliminary agenda, and to register, please visit our website:  

Maplesoft Product Manager, Maple T.A.

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