Several Maple T.A. users have developed comprehensive sets of question content and assignments to support full courses in Maple T.A. These questions are available through the Maple T.A. Cloud, and we have decided to also post the associated course modules on Maple Primes as an alternative way of accessing this content.

Below you will find a link to the Introductory Mathematical Economics Maple T.A.. course module developed by the University of Guelph.

This testing content is freely distributed, and can be used in your own Maple T.A. tests either as-is, or with edits.

The Introductory Mathematical Economics course module is designed to cover a single-semester course in mathematical economics for economics and commerce students at the second-year university level. The questions are designed to span the topics listed below, allowing for practice, homework or testing throughout the semester.

Topics include:

  • Rules of Differentiation
  • First Order Differential Equations
  • Higher Order Derivatives
  • Optimization in One Variable
  • Second Order Conditions for Optimization
  • Systems of Linear Equations
  • Optimization with Direct Restrictions on Variables
  • Over Determined and Under Determined Systems
  • Matrix Representation of Systems
  • Gauss Jordan
  • Matrix Operations
  • Types of Matrices
  • Determinants and Inverses
  • Partial Differentiation
  • Second Order Partial Derivatives
  • Multivariate Optimization
  • Second Order Conditions for Multivariate Optimization
  • Multivariate Optimization with Direct Restrictions of Variables
  • Constrained Optimization and the Lagrangean Method
  • Second Order Conditions for Constrained Optimization

Jonny Zivku
Maplesoft Product Manager, Maple T.A.

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