So my latest project was a focus on the utilisation of the Readability command in StringTools, and was used to determine how "readable", or easy to understand, some of the past presidents were. 

This program takes the Farewell Addresses of some of the past presidents (seen here), and using the Readability command included in the StringTools package, calculates the readability of the various Addresses using multiple methods, as will be outlined below. It then takes the different scores, and plots them on a heat map, to show how each president compares to one another.

As we can see from the heat map, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan seem to be the most readable overall, throughout all the methods. Whether this is a good thing or not, is really up to your interpretation. Is using bigger words a bad thing? 

George Washington and Andrew Jackson have the worst readabiltiy scores, although this is probably in part due to the era of the addresses, and the change in language we've had since then.

Download the application here: 

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