I like to use Maple debugger to help me debug and I am sure many do.

It is good that Maple comes with a debugger. I type "stopat(proc_name);" and then the debugger comes up when proc_name is called.

But the Maple debugger is hard to use. It appears to be primitive compared to other commerical debuggers that come with other known developments systems.

For example, the output of "enter a debugger command" is displayed back into the same screen where the code is listed. This makes hard to see. There is only one window. It is also hard to see where one is in the source code is. So I have to keep clicking on the "list" button to display the lines again and look for the small "*" on the left.

Basically, it is good to have the debugger, but it seems Maplesoft is not doing any improvements to make it easier to use. It is so 1980 looking compared to other easy and powerful to use debuggers, such as Matlab debugger, Visual studio, and others.

Could Maplesoft please make some improvements to the debugger? At least make separate side window for output of debugger commands, and improve the code listing issue? It will also be nice to have a call stack view, and variable view window, and to see where one is in the call chain.

Is this the only debugger available for Maple? 

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