This is my attempt to produce a subplot within a larger plot for magnifying data in a small region, and putting that subplot into the white space of the figure.
Based on the questions: How to insert a plot into another plot? and Inset figure in Maple, I wrote a couple of procedures that create sub-plots and allow the user to place the subplot window as he/she chooses. This avoids the graininess issues mentioned by acer in the second link (and experienced by me).

So far, I only have this completed for point plots, but using acer's method of piecewise functions posted in the of the second article, with the subplot function being defined only if it satisfies your conditions, would allow the subplot generating procedure to be generalized easily enough. But the data I'm working with all point plots, so that's the example here.

The basic idea  is to use one procedure to create boxes, make tickmarks on the expanded region, and make tickmark labels, combine all of those into one graph. Then create scaled and shifted versions of the data series, then make graphs of those. Lastly, combine them all into one picture.

Hope this helps someone who has to do the same.

Mapleprimes isn't inserting the contents, but here is the download of the file:


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