Hello each and everyone,

I am still not able to install/update the Physics package and this since version 713.

I think the phenomenom happens when Maple 2020 was updated to version 2020.1

The 2 ways fail :

1) Physics:-Version(latest)  ==> kernel crashes (lost connection)

2) via the Cloud : it's even worse... "installation" lasts forever (i usually break it after 15 (!) minutes)

I removed totally Maple 2020.1 and reinstalled it, the problem is still there.

I wonder when Maplesoft developpers will fix this problem whitch has been around for a long time now.

I do *not* want to do it by hand as one of this forum contributor suggested me a while ago.

I use the Physics paxkage intensively so i'm hampered in my work.

Kind regards to all.


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