This is an successfull attempt to simulate space frames in MapleSim using the relatively new Rod component.

At t=3s, a lateral force component is applied to make the simulation more interesting.

The structure collapses/folds in an origami style fashion.

To build the model, MapleSim needs additional components.

For example, an equilateral triangle

requires the addition of rigid body frames at the connection of two rods.

Additionally, the rigid body frames must have initial position conditions (ICs) that match the intended structure.

Interestingly the ICs do not have to be set to Treat as Guess. It is only required to put an approximate coordinate. Leaving the ICs on Ignore was sufficient for the attached model.

Rod components can be replaced by Flexible Beam components which require considerably more simulation time and either Revolute joints at their ends or a rather complex connection with Rigid Body frames (of zero length) to adjacent Flexible Beam components.




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