As many of you have noticed, MaplePrimes has been deluged with a spam attack over the past week.  We have been working to keep it under control, but the attacks are coming faster than we can reasonably keep up.

We will immediately begin work on a fix to the problem on Monday, January 4th.  In the meantime, we have taken the step to temporarily disallow new public registrations to MaplePrimes until the problem is fixed.  Since each message is being posted from a new, unique user name, this will hopefully correct the problem and help return the site to a state of normalcy for our registered members.

EDIT: In addition, I have blocked the accounts of a large number of users who have registered for Primes within the past 24 hours or so.  It is certainly possible that I caught a few legitimate users in this action, and I apologize for the inconvenience if that is the case.  If that is the case and you would like to be unblocked, please send me an e-mail message (bthur @ and I will unblock your account.

I apologize for the inconvenience that this causes


Bryon Thur

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