We have recently released updates to four toolboxes. Here are the highlights. More details, and instructions on how to access each one can be found on the Maplesoft downloads page.

MapleSim LabVIEW Connector - now also connected to NI VeriStand. As a result, this product gets a new name. It's now the MapleSim LabVIEW/VeriStand Connector.

MapleSim Control Design Toolbox - improvements have been made to performance, functionality, and examples.

Maple Toolbox for MATLAB - the new version works with MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b), the latest release of MATLAB.

BlockImporter - now works with the lastest version of Simulink (7.4, R2009b), and has improved documentation and examples.

If you have any of these toolboxes, and have single user licenses, you should be able to get the updates from the Check for Updates mechanism. The only exception is Maple Toolbox for MATLAB, which needs to be downloaded from our website directly. See the above link for details.



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