I realize this is far from a new suggestion. Earlier discussions may be found here and there (see some links below). 

Has anyone yet produced a no-frills version of maple2latex? My main interest is in creating tables and matrices from Maple input, possibly containing symbols. Here is the wishlist:

a simple maple2latex that (1) does not insert unwanted ornaments such as font control, and perhaps (2) inserts line breaks and space where one usually finds them in LaTeX code. An example here:


Among the user-written maple2latex procedures, is there one you would recommend at present?

... until Maple finally realizes that not being able to convert Maple code into LaTeX quickly is a major impediment to research.

P.S. I have earlier suggested better search features for mapleprimes. A search for "fredsted latex" in mapleprimes returns one single item, a blog entry from JacquesC, while the same search in google returns, among hundreds of things, right at the top, a blog entry on latex by John Fredsted -- the one I was looking for.


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