I'll implement Jacques' suggestion that the discussion about parsers should be in a separate topic.

That there are different parsers for 1d and 2d input is understandable. What I do not understand is why the different parsers behave so differently. Before I encountered this on my own, I had assumed that both parsers were based on the common Maple syntax and would respond in the same way for incorrect (and correct) inputs. Experience has shown this is not the case, but must this be the case? My request is that the parsers be improved so that they are uniform implementations of a common syntax.

The first reason I expect to see for why this cannot be achieved is implied multiplication. If the * can be omitted in 2d, why not in 1d? And, if the 2d parser can't do a better job of catching unintended uses of implied multipication, should it be allowed in either 1d or 2d? All I am asking for is consistency.

(Is there an easy way to see how many questions on MaplePrimes have implied multiplication, and the fact it can only be used in 2d input, as a fundamental part of the response? Will this be possible in the "new" MaplePrimes?)

Let the discussion continue.

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