As promised, we have launched MaplePrimes on a brand new web server. This server will greatly increase the performance and reliability of the site. Along with moving to the new server, we’ve made a number of small feature updates and bug fixes:

  • The typesetting for math entered with the <maple> tag and toolbar button is improved
  • When you enter a word prefaced by the question mark (?), it will automatically link to the Online Help, example: ?abs
  • Replaced the “Web” option from the MaplePrimes search with “Help”, this searches the Online Help.
  • Fixed a number of bad hyperlinks and markup generated by the file manager.
  • Allow MapleSim file uploads with the file manager.

One feature that did not make it over to the new server is conversion of plots when uploading worksheets via the file manager. We haven’t seen too much usage of this feature, so we hope it won’t be missed for now. The feature will come back along with greatly improved HTML conversion (the same as the HTML generated by Maple 13) when the brand new MaplePrimes launches.

If you see any problems with the site, please let us know through a comment on this post.

We hope the new server and the fixes help to improve your MaplePrimes experience; and we look forward to sharing the brand new MaplePrimes with you as well!

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