This book is an excellent read for anyone interested in statistical analysis or mathematics at work in the real world. 

Maybe the next time you decide to open your own business you could use a few of the studies mentioned in this book and put them to use in your own store.  It's quite interesting.  

As a side note I might add this interesting tidbit : My brother-in-law used to work at a hardware store long ago, probably about 15 years ago while he was making money to go to university, he mentioned an interesting idea to his boss.  The thing was that they sold these flashlights and battery operated toys but the batteries were located in a separate isle on the other side of the store, he suggested that he move the batteries to the front of the isle that held the products that needed them so everyone could see them.  His boss thought about it for a while and said no it'll take too much time.. it's a waste of time.  Later that evening my brother-in-law after hours decided he would move it himself, turned out it wasn't that hard and when his boss came in the next day he was furious but later accepted it since there was no point in moving all the stuff back.  Anyways to make a long story short, the stores battery sales skyrocketed 400% and my in-law got a raise.  Not a bad start for someone going into business school.  He's now moved on to bigger and better things.  I thought it was interesting and it tied in nicely with the book I mentioned so I thought I'd share

There's lots of fun and interesting things like that in the book.  Check it out at the local library. 


p.s. Don't go grocery shopping before dinner or while you're hungry, studies have shown you're more likely to waste a lot of your money on junk foods. 

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