Hi all,

Just joined the Maple community, and have just become a member. Being a greedy individual and in it for all I can get, I was attracted by the membership spiel as follows :

Complete the form below to register for membership at Maplesoft.com. Benefits include:

Access to thousands of Maple add-ons, applications, tutorials, Maple T.A. question banks and other valuable resources
Download Maplesoft Premium Content, white papers and more
Use the Online Math Oracles, a set of powerful calculators that solve common math problems
And much more

All great, but I am puzzled about what are the advantages of being a member - seeing as I could already get access to add-ons, applications and tutorials via the Application Center (without being a member).

Also, what are the "Online Math Oracles", I couldn't find these ?

Thanks and regards,
Andrew Fortune,

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