I have noticed that for 3d plots with a lot of info, when I export them to eps format and subsequently view them, say with adobe acrobat, the figure is filled in sort of from the back to the front. There are points in the rear of the figure (or what was the rear in the original) that are subsequently overwritten by points in the foreground. Thus, it seems that exported eps of 3d Maple plots have some sort of 3d info in them.

The reason I am asking is that I would love to convert the info in some of my eps exported 3d images (that sometimes took hours to compute), to a real 3d fomat like x3d. Is there enough 3d info in the exported image to convert it to x3d?

The export to x3d command works fine, but I don't want to spend hours recomputing some of these images in order to export them.

John Starrett

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