While marketing material naturally talks about new features in a release, we of course also put considerable effort into investigating and correcting problems with the product. Many of these fixes are in direct response to problems reported on MaplePrimes.  Thank-you. We recognize that reporting these issues takes time, and we really appreciate your help in making our products better.

Just a reminder that the best way to report problems is to use the Submit Software Change Request link under the Navigation/Create Post menu. That way, the report goes directly into our database. By using the form, you also help us to keep track of which reports came from MaplePrimes. While we do constantly monitor the site and act on problems as they are reported, the origins of the report are sometimes lost.   Below you will find a list of changes made in Maple 13 in direct response to reports we know have come from MaplePrimes.  More corrections than those listed below may have been initiated by MaplePrimes reports, but these are the ones we can link back to the site.

Remember you can get more details about the new release by visiting What's New in Maple 13.

eithne (Maplesoft)

Corrections have been made in the following areas:

  • evalf/Sum
  • combinat[numpart]
  • RealDomain:-solve
  • Nested trig integrals
  • Indexed evalf
  • Plot labels
  • Title fonts in animations
  • Color lists in plots
  • 3d plot rotation
  • Student:-Calculus1:-IntTutor
  • Statistics:-Sample
  • TextArea in maplets
  • Parsing 2D math involving arrow operator
  • Wording of error message when parsing 2D math involving arrow operator
  • Wrapperless external calling and security settings
  • Help page for convert/Ei_related
  • Help page for solve

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