As a follow up to the original announcement, I thought I’d include a few more details on some of the new features in Maple 13 designed for engineers. For more information, visit the What’s New pages for professionals and for engineering education.

Context-sensitive menus for control systems design:  The creation, manipulation, and visualization tools from the Dynamic Systems package are now available through context menus. You can use these tools without having to know any commands or Maple syntax. 

Solutions to DEs and DAEs: Maple 13 continues to advance Maple’s abilities to solve differential equations. Maple 13 contains new algorithms for finding solutions that are beyond the scope of standard methods, greatly extends the event-handling abilities for numeric solutions, and enhances the abilities and performance of the DAE solvers. Learn more.

Maple Portal: The Maple Portal has been significantly expanded to include new tutorials and specialized content, including a Maple Portal for Engineers. This portal provides a starting point for hundreds of common engineering calculations, including pointers to both interactive tools and commands.

CAD Connectivity:  CAD Connectivity in Maple, which provides analysis capabilities to CAD systems such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, has been expanded to include NX.

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