I am not sure where is the proper place to report the following bug.

version(); interface(version); kernelopts(version);
u[1] := proc (t) options operator, arrow; 1+2*t+3*t^2+4*t^3+t^4+t^5+t^6+t^7+t^8+t^9+t^10 end proc;
u[2] := proc (t) options operator, arrow; t end proc;
save u, "/home/user/test.txt";
restart; read "/home/user/test.txt";

User Interface: 277223
         Kernel: 277223
        Library: 277223
 Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 11.0, Linux, February 17 2007 Build ID

           Maple 11.00, X86 64 LINUX, Feb 16 2007 Build ID 277223
Error, on line 2, syntax error, `>` unexpected:

Error, while reading ``/home/user/test.txt``

The problem is that the file test.txt has a line break between "-" and ">" in "->". The above works fine if "1+2*t+3*t^2+4*t^3+t^4+t^5+t^6+t^7+t^8+t^9+t^10" is changed to "1+2*t+3*t^2+4*t^3+t^4+t^5+t^6+t^7+t^8+t^9". A workaround is to manually move the "-" to the next line. A proper fix would have the code behind the save command treat "->" like a single character that cannot be separated.

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