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I have a very simple linear optimization problem (cca 20 variables, 10 binary integers, 40 constraints), which I know runs just fine (and fast) on several machines with Maple 11 or 12 installed. However, none of my three computers with Maple 12 can handle it: Maple always crashes during LPSolve execution.

After LPSolve is invoked, HDD activity rises significantly and in approx. 10 seconds a window informing about application crash appears. Maple seems to keep running, but its toolbar etc. is disabled due to previous command execution. The only thing one can do now is to close it (dialogs asking for permission to interrupt ongoing computation still appears!) and run the application again.

The computers I am using are the following:

1.  AMD Athlon 64 3200+, 2 GB RAM, Win XP Pro 32bit,

2.  AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-68, 3 GB RAM, Win XP Pro 32bit,

3.  Intel Pentium M 760, 1 GB RAM, Win XP Pro 32 bit.

The first and the third one run Maple 12, whereas the second one runs Maple 11. The crashes are not due to the lack of available memory, that's for sure, because they do not occur on much older systems than the ones above.

Any suggestions?


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