I just tried to export the following plot (from a Student forum topic) to wmf (Windows Metafile) in Standard Maple,

a := plot((x^2-2)/(x-sqrt(2))): 
b := pointplot([sqrt(2), 2*sqrt(2)+0.05], 
    symbolsize = 15, symbol = circle, color = blue): 
c := pointplot([sqrt(2), 2*sqrt(2)+0.05], 
    symbolsize = 10, symbol = solidcircle, color = white): 
display(a, b, c);

It has a black background! Also, the picture is smaller size, 256x256 instead of 400x400.

Other problems - copying from Standard Maple and pasting to Notepad before copying from Notepad and pasting here, all :s were copied as ;s, and ; at the end wasn't copied at all (but it was selected.)

Also - why I had to add 0.05 in the pointplot commands - the point was located lower than it should.

Also - why I tried to export to wmf - because all other export options that I tried before that, produced low quality pictures with the point located lower than it should and with jagged lines.

Another thing - when I copied from My files and pasted here the html code for the picture, it had two </a> at the end instead of one.


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