How about making it so that if I copy and paste the following lines from any common word processor (Word, Wordpad, Notepad,etc)

local i;
end proc;

into a Standard Maple 12 worksheet I dont get  > at the beginning of every line.

Not that if I copy and paste the lines into Classic I don't get the extra >'s.

From time to time I want to copy a long procedure from a text file into Maple to experiment with changes and it is very annoying to get all the ugly >'s at the beginning of each line.   I cannot understand the rationale for this.

The same problem happens with going from Classic to Standard. But going from Standard to Standard I don't have this problem.

I brought this up in another forum and no one had a suggestion that works for me. If there is a way to avoid this problem please let me know.


Edwin Clark



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