Hello everbody.  It's been a while.  I apologize for such a long absence.  Life gets busy, and I think we all know how that can be...


We hadn't been using Maple 12 for a full hour before we found a major bug.  To see / reproduce this error:


1) We are blindly creating worksheets using the Worksheet and XMLTools packages in Maple11.  After we pull together some pieces from many pre-existing worksheets using XMLTools:-GetChild and XMLTools:-AddChild, we convert the XML structure into a string via Worksheet:-ToString so that we may edit certain features more efficiently.  Though none of our documents have the following XML element in them, when we use Worksheet:-FromString or XMLTools:-FromString this XML element shows up:

<Page-Numbers enabled='false' first-number='1' first-numbered-page='1'
 horizontal-location='right' style='Page Number'

This XML element has not previously caused any problems in the worksheets because it is not enabled.  This worksheet is saved using Worksheet:-WriteFile.

2) We open the saved worksheet with Maple 12 and save it (for comparison, save it with a new file name).  If this new worksheet is opened in Maple 12, there is no error.  If this new worksheet is opened in Maple 11, there is an error.  If this new worksheet is opened using Worksheet:-ReadFile or XMLTools:-ReadFile in Maple 11 or Maple 12, an error message is received stating that there must be a semi-colon following the [Page] entity.  An examination of the worksheet reveals an asence of the Page-Numbers XML element and a new XML Element in its place:

<Footer left-content="" center-content="" right-content="&amp;[Page]"
 left-image-scale-width="100" right-image-scale-width="100"
 center-image-scale-width="100" left-image-scale-height="100"
 center-image-scale-height="100" right-image-scale-height="100"
 date-format="2" selected-index="0" first-number="1"


So, what does all this mean?  Maple 12 screwed up the custom Footer that it specified.  Sounds like a bug to me :( 




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