This topic was discussed many times.

Originally I didn't think that it is a good idea, because who would write the original basic stuff? Maple is a complicated program, and even the basic stuff would cover thousands of pages. The competent people don't have time for that, and what incompetent people can write would be interesting only for them and not for anybody else.

Now I got another idea - the basic stuff can be created from the Maple help pages converted to html. But that could be done only in Maplesoft supported wiki. On this site, for instance.

In this case, I wouldn't mind edit them when I get some free time, and I think that other people would too.

Having online help would be a big plus for Maplesoft as a company. And all the changes can be incorporated in new releases.


PS My usual pay rate for marketing and operations research consulting is $3,000/hour and here I am offering it for free. It is sad to see that it is not used. -Alec

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