Header Footer are a welcome addition, BUT
1. It's not obvious how to get a different header | footer on the first page, a fundamental option.
2. The &(Date) is not picking up my system date format!!
3. I placed this in the righthand box "MyName ~ &[Page] of &[Pages]", but it does not show up in the preview.
4. There is no option to change the font style or size in the header|footer, a fundamental requirement.

No hotkey for common functions such as pi, sqrt, text alignment. These would speed data entry.

Can't customize toolbar wrt buttons, though it appears that there may be a way to do it in Maplets.

Use of the right arrow to leave (for example) the exponent, is not as convenient as using the space bar, but the space bar can't be used because Maple uses implicit multiplication, even though the docs discourage its use! The right arrow seems to work better than in V11, but I still can't get it to select the whole of an expression, in this case, a numerator.

I don't see the determinant displayed as |M|. At least we can abbrev. it to det ().

The Quickstart_training.pdf has "Select 2-D Contour Plot from the Select Plot Type list box," 1) The name of the list box is Select Plot. 2) It is easier to understand direct steps: "In the Select Plot list box, choose 2-D Contour Plot." The from statement method requires me to get to the end of the sentence before I know what to select first.

When I choose plot options by right-clicking on a plot and hovering on a selection, the tip appears //behind// the menu, so the first part of it is obscured.
When I plotted a 2-D graph, right-clicked on the plot and hovered over the grid icon on the menu bar, the tip appeared //behind// an earlier plot near the top of the page.

The training videos are a great help. I had trouble duplicating some of the results in the videos and looked around for the source files, but no luck.
The training videos images are so small on my 1920x1200 screen that I must use a magnifying glass to see what is typed in the training window.

The training video on components does not specify that the Do command must be in CAPS. It took me 10 minutes to figure that out.
Could not get the plot to work in the Button Component training video...seems that I have typed it in correctly. The button executes, but no plot.

When I enter an expression as A*B, I get A dot B, which is OK while I am editing, but who wants to see that those dots in the final product? And who wants to see the colon that suppresses printout at the end of a line? I don't undertand Maple's "document" philosophy.
I looked for something in Tools | Options | Display to change how to show multiplcation, but no luck.


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