Curious about something. In Maple 10 I was able to find the inverse Fourier transform of a product of transforms (a linear filter actually) by definition.  For example, Maple 10 would evaluate:

1/sqrt(2*Pi)*int(LF*exp(I*lambda*t),lambda=-infinity..infinity) where LF is was a product of two Fourier transforms.

Maple 11 on the other hand will not evaluate the integral and I am left having to use:

with(inttrans): sqrt(2*Pi)*invfourier(LF,lambda,t);

which I don't find beneficial as a tool for teaching my students.  I would rather have them evaluate it by definition.  The results are the same. Any suggestions as to why Maple 11 will not evaluate the integral? It just returns the integral as its result.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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