We are pleased to announce the first winners of the monthly Maple Mentors Awards. Jacques Carette and Robert Israel will receive a prize of their choice to thank them for their involvement with the MaplePrimes community. Jacques has consistently been a valuable member of MaplePrimes, posting clear and insightful information on advanced topics. Robert in particular has been active in the Student Forums on MaplePrimes since their inception and we would like to recognize this. One member had these comments on the two: “Robert Israel seems to have an answer for just about
any problem. I always read what he writes here, but don't
always understand it, because I'm not at that level of
understanding yet. I hope I can someday have that much
knowledge about math. Jacques always forces me to think (or
should I say "continue to think") "outside the box". His
kind of abstract thought is very thought-provoking which I
consider a very good thing.”
Congratulations to both and keep up the good work!!

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