Quite a few of the polls on mapleprimes ask the reader a question whose answer describes something about themselves or their behaviour.

It would be refreshing to see more polls which ask the reader to give an opinion. Such an opinion, or question, might relate to future aspects of Maple.

One of the few prior polls like this was about where Maplesoft ought to devote its focus (graphics, algorithmic development, document preparation etc).

It would be nice to see more polls like that. The question could be simple and all on one narrow topic, such as the default value for Heaviside(0). Or the question could involve many areas, asking which one of 6-10 or so more specific areas for improvement would be best for maple (eg, Std GUI code editor, full IDE, more use of parallel kernel, etc, etc).

Also, I don't see all the results of the earliest polls (from mapleprime's "beta" days?) here. Perhaps some of those could be revisited, now that there are more readers on mapleprimes. Perhaps some polls, like favourite Maple interface or most used operating system on which to run Maple, could be revisited every year?


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