Scientific Computing recently posted their thoughts on the usefulness of scientific calculators. They also had an interview with a representative of Texas Instruments. When the rep was asked the question of "why would I still use a calculator now that computers are so cheap?"

The final explanation, and the only one that Scientific Computing was satisfied with was that for a calculator, "you can take it into an exam, but most exam systems do not allow you to bring a computer in."

For myself, I haven't touched a calculator in quite a while. For simple problems, I will just use Windows Calculator, or Google. And of course, for anything else, I use Maple.

I spent a lot of time using a TI-83 which definitely made life a lot easier for me. However, once I discovered the usefulness of doing mathematics on the computer I quickly abandoned the calculator.

There is a post on Slashdot that asks what is the best graphing calculator. In this discussion, several of the commenter's suggest using Maple instead.

So I am posing the question, how many of you still use calculators? If you don't have to worry about where you can take a computer, would you choose to use a calculator, or would you rather do your math on your computer?

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