Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all MaplePrimes members. I hope you all have a great time with whatever you are doing for the rest of 2006. In honor of the season, here is a nice holiday image, courtesy of the Calculus II Powertool.

Maple Equation

> basic := proc(p1,p2)
local dx,dy, p3,p4,p5;
dx := (p2[1]-p1[1])/3.;
dy := (p2[2]-p1[2])/3.;
p3 := [p1[1]+dx,p1[2]+dy];
p4 := [p1[1]+2*dx,p1[2]+2*dy];
p5 := [p1[1]+1.5*dx-sqrt(3.)/2*dy,
end proc:

> flake := proc(fl)
local i,curve;
curve := fl[1];
for i from 1 to nops(fl)-1 do
curve := curve ,basic(fl[i],fl[i+1] ) ;
end do:
end proc:

> snowflake := proc(n)
local i,curve,ti;
curve := [[0,0],[1/2,1/2*sqrt(3)],[1,0],[0,0]];
for i from 2 to n do
curve := [flake(curve)]
end do;

plot(curve,color=black,style = LINE, axes = NONE,scaling = CONSTRAINED );
end proc:

> snowflake(4);


Maple Equation

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