Recently I met problems like these (shown  here in  minimal, stripped down examples no longer doing

anything useful except illustrating the problem). Any suggestions about what is going on here would be appreciated. Thanks.

> interface(version);restart;

Maple 10.03 gets stuck on my machine (Mac OS X, version 10.6.4) evaluating  the  first execution group below,t hough in Maple 6 on Mac OS 9.1 one gets only some strange output  (?s, similar to those in output below). In the procedure f, the parameter W is intended to be a module exporting  a procedure  W:-m; the behaviour is not improved  by careful type declarations, so for simplicity I've left them out.

> f:=proc(W) #Maple gets stuck here in some versions/platforms.

>            #Quit Maple if necessary after executing this group.

>    local b;

>    b:=proc()

>       local g;

>       g:=proc(j)

>         W:-m(j);

>       end proc;

>    end proc;

> end proc;

Is this  behaviour general in Maple 10.03 (not just Mac or my machine)? Is it related to the following  peculiarities in passing parameters to  subprocedures nested at depth two or greater? (Note that the output  contains  `?`s when originally created but these change to ?s when the worksheet is closed and reopened).

> restart;

> f:=proc(W)

>    local g;

>    W;

>    g:=proc(T)

>      local k;

>      W, T;

>      k:=proc(U)

>         local l;

>         W, T, U;

>            l:=proc(S)

>               W, T, U, S;

>            end proc;

>       end proc;

>     end proc;

> end proc;

> showstat(f);

f := proc(W)
local g;
   1   W;
   2   g := proc (T) local k; W, T; k := proc (U) local l; W, T, U; l := proc (S) W, T, U, S end proc end proc end proc
end proc


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