This feature makes it easy for you to share mathematics with people worldwide. You can now upload your Maple documents to a MapleNET server for free. This allows you to share your interactive Maple documents with people worldwide, even to people who do not have a copy of Maple; all they need is a web browser. Read on to learn more about the new features.

The file manager acts as a central location for all users to upload files to MaplePrimes. All files which you have uploaded in the past will be available here.

Also, when you upload a Maple worksheet you will be given a new option: all .mw worksheets are automatically uploaded to a MapleNET server. This will allow you to share interactive Maple worksheets that are available to anyone using just a web browser.

For all files that are uploaded, HTML is given that allows you to insert the file into a posting with a simple copy and paste.

Check it out at Please leave any comments about the tool on this post.

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