I read some other entries here and there of users having problems with the Maple 10 editor. Just wanted to know if we are isolated cases under Linux and Mac or if this is bigger issue.
I am working under Linux FC4, and for me it requires a lot of patience with this editor. He jumps here and there, the cursor disappears in the wide space of my worksheet, copy and paste into a string is not possible at all...
I knew previous versions (Maple 7), their editor had their own life too, but this is the top. And in fact, I hoped that they finally come up with a less peculiar editor. Instead I see a lot of cosmetics. Or am I wrong ?
Another issue is that this java editor seems to be a speedbomb. Or is this just my impression ?
Conclusion: Downgrade the editor ?

P.S: I attached a sheet that I send to custservice@maplesoft.com.

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