FYI, there are MathML character entity errors in Maple 10. This causes problems when copying MathML output from Maple into other programs that expect valid MathML. I only checked the Greek character entities, as that's where I was running into bugs. The incorrect entities as output by the Maple MathML[ExportPresentation] command and the corresponding correct MathML entities from are (lower and upper case Greek characters only):
Maple             valid MathML

ϵ  ϵ
ϑ    ϑ
ϰ    ϰ
ϖ       ϖ
ϱ      ϱ
ς    ς
ϕ      ϕ
Α           &Agr;
Beta              &Bgr;
GAMMA             Γ
Ε         &Egr;
Ζ            &Zgr;
Η             &EEgr;
Ι            &Igr;
Κ           &Kgr;
Μ              &Mgr;
Ν              &Ngr;
Ο         &Ogr;
Ρ             &Rgr;
Τ             &Tgr;
Chi               &KHgr;
Psi               Ψ
ε         ε
Zeta              ζ
ο         &ogr;

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