I had been following a thread on comp.soft-sys.math.maple titled: Maple missing solutions?


In, short the OP was missing solutions to a set of equations involving sin and cos.

A respondent suggested converting to exp, which seems to have worked very well in that case.

For no particular reason I decided to try this with another equation and got some

results which I cannot explain. As follows:

> S1:=[solve(sin(x)=sin(1/x))];

> _EnvAllSolutions:=true;

> S2:=[solve(sin(x)=sin(1/x))];

In this case, I believe this is the complete set of solutions. No problems.

Now if I convert to exp:

> S3:=[solve(convert(sin(x)=sin(1/x), exp))];

And repete:

> S4:=[solve(convert(sin(x)=sin(1/x), exp))];

Note that S4 is S3 with _Z10=0, however I did not set that condition. What is even more strange is that if I place the cursor back in either of the expressions with S3 or S4 and re-execute, or if I do successive repetitions of the solve command with the same equations I get alternating solution sets.

For example:

> solve(convert(sin(x)=sin(1/x), exp));

> solve(convert(sin(x)=sin(1/x), exp));

It does not seem to be predictable in that sometimes I get solution set S3 or S4 two, three  or more times in a row before it changes back. Also note the following:

> _EnvAllSolutions:=false;

> solve(convert(sin(x)=sin(1/x), exp));

Warning, solutions may have been lost

Now repete:

> solve(convert(sin(x)=sin(1/x), exp));

Again, either by re-executing or by typing the same expression several times it seems to alternate between the above two results, not necessarily in this order. And as before the same result may repeat several times before changing.

I am curious if anyone else is getting the same results. I have a Mac PowerBook G4 with OS X 10.3.9. I am using Maple 10.02 which I just installed. I was also getting the same results earlier with Maple 10.01. I would greatly appreciate any comments.

Thank as always to the Maple Primes community for the ongoing support.



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